Our Curators

A shiner resident for his whole life, Bernie once worked at a bank and only was a curator for the museum on the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month. When he was sought out for a full time position, he quit his job at the bank and became full time curator. He has held this position for over 25 years.

Bernie Siegel

Mamie Murphy

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Assistant curator for the past 6 years, Mamie has been a resident of Shiner for 70+ years. Formerly a nurse, Mamie has come to work at the Edwin Wolters Memorial Museum through a senior work force program. Her main duty is receiving and cataloging museum donations from Shiner residents.

Built in 1915, the Edwin Wolters Memorial Museum was originally purposed as the Wolters' family home.  The two-floored establishment housed not just the family, but also maids and other household servants. The first floor of the home, which is now the main entrance to the museum, was the living quarters for the servants, the work room, and kitchen. Upstairs functioned as the actual home for the Wolters family. Unsure of whether the chicken or the egg came first, both the historic Herder home (1882) and Wolters family home (1915) are now cornerstone pieces in the history of Shiner, the cleanest little town in Texas.