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Weapons Exhibit at Wolter's Museum. This room contains uniforms, weapons, and other artifacts-some dating back to the Civil War. 


Shiner's Products and Industries. A display in the Wolter's Museum entrance showing what put Shiner, TX on the map.


Shiner Exhibit in Wolter's Museum. This room contains a lot of different items donated by Shiner's residents from over the years that helps to give an idea about what makes Shiner the Cleanest Little Town in Texas. 


"The American Kitchen". An exhibit in Wolter's Museum that gives an accurate replica of what an American living space once looked like.


Shiner Rotary Club Exhibit. This is probably the most patriotic room in the whole museum. 


Old General Store Museum Building. Old Texaco Warehouse, purchased, moved, renovated, and donated to the city of Shiner by the Shiner Rotary Club (1985).


The newest addition to the Wolter's Museum, the Implement Shed. This building is home to a lot of agriculture equipment and tools used by other kinds of specific trades like leather making and dry cleaning.


Jail cell in the Jail House at Wolter's Museum Formerly two cells, however one was claimed by police and it was never returned.


Herder home (1882) sign that is posted next to the doorway of the Herder residence.

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